The QC project of Zunhua Thermal Electric Company won the China Electric Power Technology Market Association Innovation Achievement Award
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-14

Recent,China Electric Power Technology Market Association announced the innovation achievement of thermal power fuel technology in 2024,A total of 149 results across live casinothe casinocountry were successfully selected。The "Multifunctional Flinking Machine Revolutionary Effect" project declared by Zunhua Thermal Power Coal QC Group stood out,Winning a three -star innovation achievement award。

This award -winning project is relocated through the realization of the car、Automatic control of the air -conditioning appmachine system,It can reduce the overall turning time of multi -function turning machine,Each train (verse 54) can save at least 30 minutes or more,Improve the efficiency of the transfer、Reduce the time of turning and unload,greatly improved the equipment utilization rate of the overall turning machine system,greatly live appimproved the overall safety of the crew、Economics。

Zunhua thermal power will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation,Constantly exploring new technologies in the power industry、New method,Digger the work highlights in the process of production management,Further optimize equipment safety,Improve appoperation efficiency,To bc game sportsbook reviewensure the safety of power supply、Efficient and sustainable make greater contributions。

                                           (Zunhua Thermal Electric Company Zhang Lingyun Confer Manuscript)