Xinjiang Babu sewage industry practical training skills training is successfully review casinoopened in Korla Longrun Company, construction investment project
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-14

Recent,Practical training skills training organized by the Xinjiang Bazhou Ecological Environmental Protection Bureau is carried out by Korla Longrun Company, Corporation,From the county and cities of the counties and cities from the Bayin Guo Leng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, participated in the training。This training aims to live appprovide a professional for law enforcementers for the sewage treatment industry in Bazhou area、Efficient monitoring ability improvement platform,and contacting advanced sewage treatment technology、Opportunities for equipment and management experience,To improve your own quality、Promoting the standardized development of the industry provides a strong guarantee。

benchmarking enterprise as the sewage treatment industry in review 2024the Babu area,Korla Longrun Company relied on excellent technical strength and rich industry experience,Become the best choice of this training base。The company has a team composed of senior engineers and experienced industry experts,They can not only provide professional theoretical training for participants,At the same time,Modern sewage treatment laboratory、Simulation Control Center and multiple sets of complete casino pokerwater treatment systems can also provide a real on -site working environment for participants,Fully integrate theory and practice,Better to learn and master advanced sewage treatment technology。

Babzhou Ecological and Environment Bureau thanks to Korla Longrun's support,and emphasize the important significance of the training base for the development of the sewage treatment industry in the Panzhou,I hope the company can continue casino bc game sportsbook reviewreviewto play its own advantages,Make greater contributions to the prosperity and development of the environmental protection industry and city in Bazhou。

Korla Long Run Company will take this as an opportunity,Dedicated technological innovation and talent training in the sewage treatment industry,escort for the green development and water safety of Baba。

(Conferring in Jin Xiaojuan, CCP Engineering Company)