Jianhuo River Water Supply Company completed Jian'bc.game casino reviewbc.game appan Community & ldquo; one household table & rdquo; water supply transformation project
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-14

Start from a subtle place,Warm heart with a little bit of things。Jianjun Sandhe Water Supply Company Party Branch fully guarantee residents with assured water,Adhere to the practice of party building and leading the facts,Establish work special class,Efficient bc.game casinolinkage,bc.game casinoCohesion of combination,As of now,The "one household and one table" of more than 70 households in Jian'an Community has been successfully completed.。

The water supply pipe network of Jian'an District was laid in 1991,33 years now,Pipe corrosion corrosion is serious,Frequent maintenance,Affects the normal water of residents,and the on -site charging method measured by the total table is wrong,Caused bc.game pokera lot of bc.game casinoneighborhood disputes,Urgently need to be transformed。To solve the water of the masses、Payment difficulties,Guo Chief Branch of the Sand River Water Supply Company,Party members and leading cadres actively perform their responsibilities、Responsibility as,Actively unite the community and the Housing Construction Bureau,Discuss the design of "one household and one table" for water renovation bc.gameplan,Replace 90 bc.game casino reviewmeters of water supply pipes for the residents of Jian'an Community、13 water meter wells、1 Valve Well, a series of new public water supply facilities,A single meter measuring online+offline payment method,benefit more than 70 water households,Get unanimous praise from the masses。

Through the implementation of the house form reconstruction project,Safety of water bc.game review 2024for residents、reliability、bc.game appEasy to be more fully guaranteed。Next,The Party Branch of the Sand River Water Supply Company will continue to focus on water supply services,Really solve the problem for the people,Effectively enhance the user's sense of gain and happiness。

                                            (Liu Qingjun, Liu Qingjun, Liu Qingjun, Liu Qingjun, Draft)