Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company Project was selected as the first live casinobatch live casinoof computing power innovation application scenarios in Hebei Province in 2024
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-14

To accelerate the release of innovative application scenario drive effects,Empowerment of the fusion of the digital economy and the real economy,Recent,Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology released the first batch of innovative application scenarios in 2024 (advanced computing power),"Intelligent Management and Control casino reviewScenes of Digital Twin Water pokerSupply Pipe Networks" reported by Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company was successfully selected。

In recent years,Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company actively promotes the intelligent construction of the water supply system,Use the sensor network and data platform (GIS system SaaS cloud, etc.) to complete the water source、Water plant、Pipe Network、Two for real -time collection of most data and users,accumulated a lot of water pokerlive casinosupply system data,The foundation laid the foundation for the digital twin water supply system。Digital twin water supply pipeline network intelligent management and control scene,Relying on Langfang City Public Water Supply Pipe Network Loosterity to Treatment of Digital Construction Projects,Construction of a digital twin water supply network intelligent management and control platform,Poly source data of integrated water supply casinosystem (pipe network assets) and dynamic (monitoring data),R & D hydraulic model、Water Quality Model、Intelligent application models such as water pump models,Create precise mapping、Digital twin vectors of simulation simulation and virtual interaction,Intelligent simulation of the water supply system、Real -time monitoring、Scientific scheduling and risk warning,and the supervision and control of digital twin review 2024management pokerof the full process of water supply system。

Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company will take this selection as an opportunity,Continuously strengthen digital technology innovation and application,Actively explore the formation of a new format for replication and promoted water industry、New mode,Contributions to the process of promoting the intelligentization of the water industry。

(Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company  Han Rui confess)