Langfang Qingquan Water casino reviewSupply Company Carrying out Gu'an Water Source Spring Bird's Prevention and Control Action to ensure water supply safety
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-09

Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company Gu'an Shui source is located in Gu'an County, Langfang City,A area of ​​about 35 square kilometers,Build a high -voltage dual -power opening opening station,42 kilometers of high -voltage power supply line。With the arrival casinoof spring,ushered in the peak period of bird nesting, Many birds like to build nests on high -voltage transmission lines,Iron wire in the bird's nest、firewood and excrement, etc.,It is easy to cause the insulators Flash accident when it is rainy and rainy.,Not only affects the safe operation of the grid,It also threatens the safety of birds itself。

To ensure summer water bc.gamesupply safety,Recent,Gu'an Water source has concentrated on the development of bird harm。The company carefully studies the bird's damage and the rules of bird activities,For the lines and sections with more birds in previous years,Install the bird -driven device on the pole tower in advance,Frequently from bird damage,Arrange a special person to perform a special line bc.gameinspection,Timely remove the bird's nest found in the inspection,Prevent birds from repeatedly building "illegal buildings" to cause line harm,Make sure the power equipment runs safely and reliable。

Next,Gu'an Water Source will continue to increase key inspections of the frequent area of ​​bird harm,Eliminate the hidden dangers of bird harm from the source,Effectively bc.gameensure the safe and stable operation of the power supply line,Lay a solid foundation for the steady supply of water in the summer peak。

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