The Environmental Technology Branch of the Construction Investment Engineering Company was won in the first prize of the Yanyan Cup & RDQUO; QC in 2024
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-09

Recent,In 2024, the "Yan Zhao Cup" quality group competition in Hebei live casinoProvince,Construction Investment Engineering Company's Environmental Technology Branch "Enshimus" QC group topic "Reduce Desulfurian absorption tower jelly ion" and "charge charge,Rush to the pinnacle "QC group topic" Improve the Quality Quality of Soda Soda "from many achievements,won the first prize and the second prize, respectively。

This competition in the province's hundreds of enterprises and companies with 870 QC results in a fierce competition。From the notice of the contest,Time urgent、The task is arduous,Environmental Science and Technology Branch actively prepare、Carefully plan and organize casinotopics to participate in this competition,In -depth research on the operation and maintenance project department of the branch company。Research and development of the transfer,In the operation and maintenance process of the auxiliary system of the thermal power unit,Whether the content of the chloride ion in the desulfurization absorbing tower is compliance with the standard,The stability of the stability of the desulfurization system is extraordinary,It is closely related to the service life of the device、Whether the efficiency of desulfurization can meet the standards and appthe quality of the by -product is qualified。At the same time,The qualification rate of soda quality is also extremely critical,It is not only one of the important indicators of environmental protection monitoring water quality,It is an important guarantee for long -term safe and stable operation of water treatment system equipment and boiler system equipment。Final,Environmental Technology Branch has carefully selected the two topics of "Reducing Desert and absorption of tower berries" and "Improve the Quality of Soda Quality of thermal Power" for in -depth inquiry,Established a QC topic appgroup。This group conducted a detailed investigation of the current situation of operation and maintenance projects,Established a goal that needs to be achieved,Adopt brainstorming method,From "People、Machine、Material、Method、Measurement、Environment "gradually analyzes the cause of deepening the cause,Clarified the main influencing factor,Formulated corresponding countermeasures and implementation measures,Careful inspection of the implementation effect,Make consolidation measures at the same time,A comprehensive summary and promotion of results experience。

This competition,Not only the in -depth test of the skill level of the environmental technology branch of the construction investment company,Learn from industry experts and other companies、Rare opportunities for common progress。The company will use this as a new starting point,Looking for a gap、Efforts to improve skills,Looking forward to getting more outstanding results in subsequent events,Further improve the level of engineering quality,Cultivate more outstanding high -quality skill talents,Building a high -quality project for the company to escort。

                                                                                 poker(Li Ziwei, Li Ziwei, Environmental Science and Technology Branch of Construction Investment Engineering Company)