Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Linking Branch fully guarantees the use of water for the Guanghui Jintong project during the May Day holiday
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-09

"May 1st" holiday,Langfang Qingquan Water Supply casinoLinking Branch, as always, stick to the post,Carefully deployed、Return to the water access work of the Guanghui Jintong project of Langfang City Langfang City,,Extend the reliable guarantee service to the "last centimeter" at the end of the user's end,Comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of water supply guarantees in the new area。

"I really didn't expect,Our May Day Holiday Explore Workers,Your water supply service is constantly,I helped us get water in this way,Qingquan's water camp business environment is really in place! "Manager Tan, the person in charge appof Guanghui Jintong, said gratefully。At the same time, provide convenient efficiency to the Linkong Branch、"Butler -style" heart -warming service,Assistance to crack the problem of water use,Guarantee project construction、A series of positive measures for the demand for water for production have given high recognition and praise。

Precise control of water control, and quickly formulate water pickup solutions.The front docking land design unit of the Linking BranchAfter understanding the needs of the enterprise want to pick up water as soon as possible,Branch live casinoManager Cao Haitao Cao Haitao does not wait to be the customer representative of the "Guanghui Jintong Emergency Water Access Project",Contact the project party for the initiative,Create WeChat work group,Easy to communicate in real time to solve difficult problems。Select Jingbing Bai Yan、Su Ce and other team members,Use the GIS geographical information management system of the water supply pipe network,Concentration forces carefully arranged the information of the main water supply pipe network,Formulate a feasible water supply plan,and propose to use pokerthe Labor Day,Implementation of emergency water construction operation。

Efficient coordinating construction progress, and accelerate the acceptance of water through the water."Qualification of water quality,Water pressure is stable,The pipeline runs normal,It has water traffic conditions! After 2 days of fighting,Users can use water with confidence。"" Bai Yan, the Linkong Branch, said excitedly at the scene。To ensure smooth supply of water,Linking Branch to the difficulty and get up,Choose the burden,Focus on "Fast",Highlight "grab",Invest in construction casinoat the fastest speed,With professional technical level and strong action,High -level coordinating complete setting、Digging grooves、Installed pipes、Masonry well room、Fixed support and other processes,Short the construction cycle under the premise of ensuring the quality of the project,For the project, the water is sent on a schedule "timely rain、Xinxin Pills "。Establish a follow -up contact mechanism at the same time,Provide the project with a full life cycle water supply extension service,Demonstrate the excessive business quality and strong responsibility bc.gamemission of Qingquan Water Supply Company。

(Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company Zhou Yuzheng's contribution)