Cathay Power Generation Power Power Power Power Power Power Boiler separation another innovative achievement won the national patent
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-04-30

Recent,Cathay Power Generation Power Power Power Power Power Boiler Subtraction Book Revolution,The "A Auxiliary Device for Oxygen Cut and Circle" reported by the high -voltage welded pokerclass obtained the practical new patent of the State Intellectual Property Office。This is the third practical new patent obtained by the high -pressure welders class。

This result is based on the QC topic "Innovation Oxygen Cutting Auxiliary Device" in 2022,After the actual application of the scene,and continue to be optimized in Wu Guibin's Weld Welding casino reviewInnovation Studio、improvement、Perfect。At the end of 2023,This achievement is also won the first prize of Xingtai Company in the Innovation Achievement Contest of the Employee Innovation Studio。

The application of this device improves oxygen cutting accuracy and quality,The time and material cost of the later edge repair and polishing,Reduce drawing live casinoprocess at the same time,Avoid cutting size errors caused by the size error of the drawing line,Its structure is simple and small,Easy to carry and install,further realizing the target of cost reduction and efficiency。

Cathay Power Generation Boiler Sub -high -voltage welders will continue to explore new methods、New Technology,In -depth analysis of casinothe difficulties in the on -site work,escort for the safe and stable operation of the unit。

                                     (Supply of the Draft of Jiyang Li Xun, Xingtai Power Generation Company)