Planning in advance to actively warn Caofeidian Water Supply Company Litao Summer Water Quality Safety
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-04-30 casinoWith the ride and rainy season,,Disinfection by -products and smelling substances in raw water present seasonal elevation,seriously affects the safety of the company's factory water quality,To ensure safety during May Day、Stable water supply,Caofeidian Water Supply Company planned in advance,Conscious deployment,Take a series of measures,Active change from "passive emergency" to "active warning"。

Carry out the investigation of hidden dangers of water casinoquality。Starting in mid -April,The company formulates a detailed detection plan,From before the holiday to May 1st,Closely monitor raw water-entering the factory-factory-pipe net water full-process disinfection by-products、Snake -saving substance and other key water quality indicators。Test test,All the water quality indicators of all factory water and pipeline networks are qualified,Follow -up changes in continuous monitoring indicators。

Establish a bc.gamecomplete water quality safety early warning process。The company strictly controls every link,Formulate a thorough pharmaceutical investment plus plan for each water quality abnormal situation and improve the emergency response process,Water -making centers and water plants closely cooperate,Once the water quality exceeds the risk,Immediately implement the corresponding disposal measures,Resolutely prevent "problem water" flowing to users。

Organize related bc game sportsbook reviewtechnical personnel to learn to improve business level。Facing the complex and changeable water environment,The company organizes water treatment technicians to carry out training,Learning cutting -edge water treatment technology and technology,Discussion of key difficulties and improving measures and potential risks brought by new pollutants,Improve the level of disposal of complex water quality,Effective response to many challenges faced by the company's water out of water。

Caofeidian Water Supply Company continues to adhere to the concept of "colorful and elaborate operations",Early warning of water quality problems、Solution in time,Towards high quality、Strict requirements、High -efficiency actual action,Make every effort to ensure water quality safety during May Day,escort water for residents in the area。

                                       (Caofeidian Water Supply Company Yang Shuchang Supply Draft)