Three qualifications of Construction Investment Engineering Company to app casino reviewrealize three -level change and second -level
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-04-30

Recent,The qualification upgrade work of Construction Investment Engineering Company will be passed on a good news。Approved by the Housing and Urban -Rural Development Department of Hebei Province,Company Electrical Engineering Construction General Contract、Professional contracting for construction mechanical and electrical installation casino bc.gameengineering、Three qualifications for environmental protection engineering professional contracting from three levels to second -level。

Enterprise qualification is an access certificate for enterprises to enter the market,The basis for the survival and development of the company,It is the guarantee and manifestation of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise。Tightly linked to the company's "125" work ideas and bc game sportsbook review business development strategic casino reviewpositioning,The Ministry of Investment and Development takes qualifications and upgrades as a key task,Classification screening、Treatment、Tracking meets conditional qualifications,grab the policy window period,Promoting upgrade solidly and orderly。The three qualifications for successful upgrading this time are a improvement of the company's own strength,For the company to seize live casino opportunities in the fierce casino reviewmarket competition、Expansion of the market provides a strong guarantee。

Next,Construction Investment Engineering Company will give full play to multiple qualification collaboration advantages,Fully promote annual marketing work development,Actively undertake new direction、New format、New field engineering,Accelerate the cultivation of new productive forces, review 2024 At the same time,Continuously consolidate internal control review 2024management,Strengthen the construction of talent team,Cultivate registered certificate staff、Engineering and technicians and skill staff,Provides effective talents and qualification support for promoting the steady development of the company,Strive to realize the company's high -quality development。

 (Confession of Feng Yongjia, Construction Investment Engineering Company)