Deputy General Manager of the Group Miao Ziyi to Xibaipo Electricity Supervision and Checking Work Safety
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group bc game sportsbook reviewbc game sportsbook reviewTime: 2024-05-13

    5On the 9th, Miaozi, deputy general manager of Hebei Construction Investment Group、General Manager of the Safety Supervision Department Chai Xiaodan and other lines,To Xibaipo Power Supervision and Check the Work Safety。Jin Yongliang, deputy general manager of Construction Investment Energy, accompanied by inspection,Secretary of the Party Committee of Xibaipo Electric Power、General Manager Zhang Shouyan,Deputy General review 2024Manager live casinoShi Weigang,Chief Engineer Yang Liguo and others welcomed the inspection。

    The inspection team listened to the three -year operation of Xibaipo Electric Power Safety、Dymeric ammonia major hazard source sales number、"Three Foreign" Management、Report on key tasks such as flood control preparations,On -site inspection of the safety management of the main control room fire protection system and unit maintenance site。The inspection team fully affirmed the overall safety casino reviewproduction work of Xibaipo Electric Power,For the compilation of Xibaipo Electric Power Safety Warning Record、Promote the safety construction of the team、Carrying out professional and technical improvement results list and clamp technical skills competition performance list and other activities to strengthen safety and cultural construction work to give high evaluations,Specific guidance and rectification opinions on the problems found during the inspection。

    MiaoziPoint out,Xibaipo review 2024Electric as the backbone enterprise of the group company,Management specifications、Outstanding performance。To deeply understand the Group's "equipment is the foundation、Management is the key、Personnel is the requirements for protection,Institute of safety management, we must adhere to high standards and strict requirements,specification、Strict、Details to do a good job of work safety,Ensure that the safety production situation is stable。

    Zhang Shouyan pokersaid,The company will continue to carry out various safety activities,Continuous technology、Promotion of Management、Creative Culture,Pay attention to safety、Follow Safety、Grasp safety。At the same time, the problems and deficiencies found in this inspection,Stand up and establish a change,Against three,Careful implementation of the relevant work requirements of the inspection team。

            (Group Safety Supervision Department  Sipo Power Supply)