Member of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC、Deputy Director Yang Jianwen and his party went to Caofeidian Xintian LNG live casinoCompany to investigate and guide
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-06

    April 19,Member of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC、Deputy Director Yang Jianwen,Director of the Provincial State -owned Enterprise Party Construction Research Center Zuo Yunxian and his party to CaofeidianNew Sky LNGCompany research guidance,Hebei Construction Investment Group Chief Engineer、Chief Scientist Mei Chunxiao,Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the Party Committee Wang Qian,CaofeidianNew Sky LNGCompanySecretary of the Party Branch、General Manager Luan Tao and related personnel accompanied the research。

inCaofeidianNew Sky LNGCompanyExhibition Hall,Yang JianwenOne team learned from TangshanLNG Project Overview,Then go to the project site to regulate control center、The cutting -edge part of the tank area and the dock is performedInvestigation

Later, at Accelerate the formation of new quality productivity to promote casinobc.gamehigh -quality development of state -owned enterprisesThemeS discrantsMeeting,Caofeidian Xintian LNG reports in detail production operation、Science and Technology R & D Progress、New productive productivity scenarios and the next work plan,Yang Jianwen expressed high recognition of the forward -looking layout of Hebei CCT Group and the future development plan of Xintian Green Energy,He emphasized,bc.gameTo resolutely carry out the political responsibility of state casino-owned casinoenterprises、Economic responsibility and social responsibility,Continuously strengthen the mission responsibility;The second isTo increase investment in scientific and technological innovation,Pay attention to the transformation of innovation results,Promote industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation according to local conditions;Three isIt is necessary to take the development of new productivity as an important point,Persist in coordinating review 2024and casinotaking into account,Gathering multiple parties,Strong kinetic energy of casinobc.gamehigh -quality development;Four isWe must continue to stabilize the main line of risk prevention and control,Continuous control and eliminating various hidden dangers,Make sure the company's long -term operation、Stable development;Five isTo play a leading role in the demonstration of state -owned enterprises,Summary typical experience,Promoting excellent approach,Stimulate corporate vitality,Promote casinobc.gamehigh -quality development。

(Caofeidian Xintian LNG Company Qin Haoyang's contribution)