Xinji Construction Investment Water Co., Ltd. organizes the promotion of water conservation
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-21

5From 11th to 17th, it is 2024 The National Urban Survival Publicity Week。To effectively improve the awareness of water saving of the general public,Help the implementation of water -saving operations,bc game sportsbook reviewPromoting resource saving and green development,Recent,Xinji Construction Investment Water Co., Ltd. organized "Promoting City Water Conservation,Construction of beautiful cities "theme water saving promotion activities。

In the event,Set the water -saving promotional exhibition board、banner slogans and distribution of water casino-saving knowledge brochures and other forms,Publicity to citizens and publicized the "Regulations for Survating Water" and "Civil Specifications for Citizen Water Use",Introduce the meaning of saving water、Daily water -saving knowledge,Guide citizens to practice water -saving responsibility。In the event,Citizen actively review 2024consults questions,Company employees patiently answer publicity,Promotional effects are significant。

Through this promotional activity,I promoted the importance of saving water to the general public,Effective enhanced the citizens' awareness and responsibility for saving water。At the same time,The company's employees have also practiced the bc game sportsbook reviewcorporate mission of Xinji Jianjian Investment and Water Affairs Company "Ji Chuanxin to serve the people's advantages of the people",Performing the "Ji Gao Molying,The social responsibility of righteousness and the people。

(Xinji Caojin Cao Jin confession)