Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company Carrying out & ldquo; Promoting urban water saving,Construction of beautiful cities & rdquo; Water supply services enter the community theme publicity activity casinoSource: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-21

5From the 11th to 17th of the month, it is 2024 The National Urban Survival Publicity Week。In order to strengthen the public's awareness of the protection of water resources,Strengthen the science of water resources、Reasonable and sustainable use,Recent,Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company revolves around "Promoting City Water Satings,Construction of Beautiful City "as the theme,Carry out water supply services to enter the community theme publicity activities。

Activity site,Water supply volunteers casinocan build a propaganda exhibition rack、Hanging Promotional Blood、Set the service desk and other methods,Water quality that is most concerned about community residents、Water pressure、Water charges and other questions to face face -to -face service answers,introduce the company's grid service mode to the residents,Let the masses know that any water -related problem can get the first time by contacting the area grid staff,Extend the water supply service to the masses。At the same time,Volunteers enthusiastically guide users to use Douyin、bc.gameWeChat、Alipay and other online service platforms pay water fees、Apply for water use business and application equipment maintenance, etc.,Ghost、A zero -distance way to communicate with the residents and the masses, "Lianxin Bridge"。

Subsequent,Volunteers issued the price of water to the residents who came to consult、Business Guide、Water supply methods and other promotional materials and promote small gifts,Promote everyone to develop a living habit of saving water,Create citizen water、water protection、A good social atmosphere of love casinowater,Improve water -saving promotion effect,Let high -quality water supply services deeply rooted in people's hearts。

After the on -site event,,Volunteers continue to enter the residential building,The faucet in the resident's home、Water pipe、Valve、Water meter and other water equipment to investigate and repair it one by one,Make sure the equipment runs normally,and bring barrel drinking water for residents、Laundry solution and other daily necessities。Uncle Wang expressed his gratitude for the arrival of water supply volunteers: "Your casinoservice is too in place,Not only helps us to check the water pipe,also brought gifts,Really realized people's livelihood! "

Convenient to the heart,Services。Next,Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company will continue to be attentive、Love、Serving this network,Responsibility for work,True grasping hard,Focus on promoting the well -being of people's livelihood,Create high -quality water supply services,Optimize the water supply business environment,Continuously strengthen citizens to get water for water、Happiness and satisfaction。

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