Drive in & ldquo; Highway & rdquo;! EAS system hardware upgrade helps the group's financial system to speed up
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-05-06

    5month5Day, inGroupTechnology casino reviewInformation Department,FinanceManagement Department, Construction Investment Digital Company, WisdomFinanceCompany's scienceUnificationClaim and close,Group Finance EAS system successfully completes the hardware upgradeMigrationWorkGroup Financial SystemThe operating speed has been greatly improved, and it has been effectively improvedFinancePersonalizedWorkEfficiency, forGroup FinanceData security has firmly built a solid barrier.

    With the continuous improvement of the group's financial work,EAS financial system casino reviewhardware cannot meet the needs of financial work,To a certain extentImpactFinancePersonalizedWorkEfficiency, increasedSystemDifficulty of operation and maintenance and safety risks. Based on,GroupThe Department of Science and Technology Information Department is togetherFinanceManagement Department, Construction Investment Digital Company, WisdomFinanceThe company has undergone meticulous research,Fully consider the use of existing built -in cloud resources,CombinationOracleThe characteristics of the casino reviewdatabase have determined the cloud+Database uniformAffairsdevice+StorageEASFinancial system hardwareMigration alternative scheme to ensure that the relocation work is all lost,UpgradePlan passes through multiple technologiesGongShi Cheng strictly deduced and confirmed, and at the same time, he has done strictUpgradePlan, test plan and emergency measures.

It does not affect normal work,Hardware upgradeMigrationWorkStarted during the May 1st holiday。On the eve of the festival,Construction Investment Digital Company is full of drumsCompletedEquipment procurement, functional testing, network debugging, etc.DepartmentColumn Migration PreparationWork, for migrationWorklaid a solid foundation. go throughGroupTeam overtime add points、Regardless of the full preparation of day and night and rigorous and efficient implementation operation,Use only14hourCompletedOriginal plan50Hours of database backup migrationWorkSave more than the original time36hours, follow -up groupFinanceManagement Department Organization Units of each usage unit after migrationSystemTest,Normal use of various functions,Database performance sequential sequence read and write waiting time casinofrom the original 47ms to 4ms,This upgrade has greatly improved the operating speed and experience of the financial system。

    Next step,Group Science and Technology Information Department and Construction Investment Digital Company will continue to optimize the databaseSystem, give play to newHardwareThe cache advantage of the equipment, guaranteeSystemOperating at high speed.

(Group Technology casinoInformation Department、FinanceManagement Department, Construction Investment Digital Company, WisdomFinance公司 供稿)