Group organization held & ldquo; three years、Five -year strong & rdquo; Special action self -examination work exchange meeting
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-04-30

    4month 29,According to the relevant work requirements of the Provincial SASAC,According to the relevant requirements of the group company's first quarter operation analysis meeting,Group Science and Technology Information Department organized the "Three Years、Five -Year Strong "Special Action Self -checking Work Exchange Meeting,Furnishing scientific and technological innovation management、R & D investment to collect self -examination,Related direct management pokercompanies casinotechnology、Financial Management Officer,A total of 153 staff members of the third -level company participated in the meeting through on -site or video.。

The meeting further clarified the "Three Years、Five -Year Strong "Special Action Self -checking work requirements,Proposal to the next step of the direct management companies should quickly organize self -examination,The scope of the inspection is the standardized management of science and technology projects since the development of special operations, review 2024Including bc game sportsbook reviewbut not limited to the accuracy of research and development investment and other technological innovation related data、Standardity of the full process of science and technology project、Add the authenticity of the data to deduct data,Subsequent group companies will organize internal experts to conduct mutual check between direct management companies,and hire an external consulting agency for spot check,and report the results of the inspection。

The meeting invited experts from external science review 2024and technology research and development consulting units for lectures,Introduce the country and our province's scientific and technological innovation、R & D investment、Added related policies such as deduction,Regulatory management requirements for the whole process of science and technology projects,Common issues of enterprises、Misunderstanding,and give work suggestions for self -examination。

This meeting further implemented the Provincial SASAC's political inspection、Relevant live casinorequirements for special appaudits,Make sure "three years、Five -Year Strong "Special Action R & D Invest in Related Data、Accurate,Refined work requirements and work arrangements,Strengthen scientific and technological innovation for subsequent groups、Improve R & D investment,Promote "Three -year and five -year strong action implementation lays the foundation.

(Supply of He Mingru of the Group's Science and Technology Information Department)