Safety consciousness highlights service tenderness & mdash; & mdash; Jianhuheng Water Affairs Company customer service center was praised by users
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-04-29 app A few days ago,Investment Investment Heng Water Affairs Company Ziqiang Street Customer Service Business Hall,A elderly old man is handling business,Due to inconvenience of action,almost falling。Lucky is,Xie Mingzhi, employee who handled the business for the elderly, supports the elderly in time,Make sure his personal safety。

This scene took place in the afternoon of April 22,An old man with a crutch is when you finish your business.,Suddenly lost the balance,Seeing that you will fall,Tollist Xie Mingzhi walked out of the station in advance,Go forward to help the elderly's body,The front desk of the lobby Zou Zelin came immediately after seeing it,Stand up the elderly together。Xie Mingzhi and Zou Zelin comforted the old man and let him not worry,Carefully help him stabilize his emotions。After some inquiry,I know that the elderly have sequelae due to the cerebral infarction,In addition, getting up quickly, causing the body to lose balance。After ensuring that the elderly have no big body,Xie Mingzhi and Zou Zelin escorted bc game sportsbook review the elderly out of the business hall。

This warm scene moved other users present,They praised the good deeds of the two toll collectors。A user present said: "These two employees are really loving,Their actions make us feel very warm。"The elderly also expressed satisfaction with the service of the toll staff,He said: "Thank you very much,The service here makes me feel my family like love。”

Xie Mingzhi, a toll staff afterwards, said: "I see the old man who is inconvenient to move with a crutch,After finishing the business app for him, I will come out in advance and prepare to support the elderly,At this time, the elderly are about to stand up and do not stand firm,Seeing that you will fall,I just have time to support him immediately,Otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable。"The person in charge of the business hall gives a high evaluation of the behavior of the two toll collectors,and encourage all employees to pass this positive energy to more people。The person in charge said: "Our toll staff must not only provide users with high -quality services,Also care about their casino review physical condition,Pass warm with actual actions。We will continue to pay attention to the safety work of the business hall in the future,Strengthen safety education and training,Constantly improve the safety awareness of all toll collectors。”

This warm service scene highlights the noble quality and professionalism of employees in business halls,shows the high -quality image of the civilized service window of Jianhuangheng Water Affairs Company。The company will always adhere to the people -oriented service concept,Provide bc game sportsbook review users more warm、A caring service,Pass the warmth to every user。

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