Caofeidian Water Supply Company Multiple measures to protect raw water quality safety
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-04-17

Original water quality is the quality of water supply、The first line of defense that affects the water -making process。Caofeidian Water Supply casino review Company is based on the attitude of highly responsible water supply to residents in the jurisdiction,"Safety、High -quality、Stability "as the general goal of water supply,By taking a series of positive and effective measures,Make sure the original water quality of the infraction canal downstream of the Luohe River。

Plan in advance to improve the special water quality emergency plan.The characteristics of Ming canal on the downstream of the Luohe River in the company's water source,The company increases daily monitoring and deploys water quality fluctuation measures early。Recently, some parts of the downstream casino of Luohe have successively carried out slope protection、His dredging of the river,To a certain extent, the water bodies are turbid、Phenomenon of elevated conductivity。To ensure the stability of the water lifting of the water plant、Stable water quality of the factory,Company organization held a special meeting,Research and solving countermeasures,Establish a special water quality emergency plan,Comprehensively evaluate the fluctuations in the water quality that may occur,Establishing reasonable early warning indicators and monitoring mechanisms,Eliminate the impact of the water quality fluctuations casino on the original water on the company。

Deploy in advance to monitor the entire process before entering the plant.In order to understand the changes in the water quality of the original water river in time,The company increases the dynamics of various control gates of water source and water、Channel repair situation inspection and arrangement work,Monitoring and monitoring of the entire process before entering the plant。Before opening,Comprehensive and meticulous grasping the time and laws of the first gate of Yanshan canal in the lower reaches of the Luohe River; after opening the gate,For the head of water、Water head review 2024 speed performed uninterrupted dynamic inspection monitoring,Accurately grasp the time node and water quality of the original water entry plant,To ensure the solid foundation of water production safety。

Action in advance to increase water quality detection projects and detection frequency.For the characteristics of the water quality of the Ming canal in the lower reaches of the Luohe River,Pay close attention to the Wangtu Festival gates、Qudian Bridge、Cao Lizhuang Festival Gate -made water quality,Make sure the water quality of the water source is changed in time to adjust the water production process。At the same time,Caofeidian bc game sportsbook review Water Supply Company Union Qinghong Test that Tangshan Branch adopts a combination of regular testing and irregular measurement,Multi -layered key indicators of water source water、Continuous detection and analysis,Pay close attention to changes in special indicators,Ensure that the quality of water supply is stabilized and the standard。

Through the above measures,Caofeidian Water Supply Company steadily builds the original water quality safety defense line。The company will continue to uphold the "colorful first heart,Careful Operation "concept,Continue to strengthen water quality management, live casino Provide users with better water supply services,escort the water quality and safety of residents in the jurisdiction。

                                        (Caofeidian water supply Liu Yuqi Qinghong testing Chen Lei's supply)