International Building Hotel was evaluated & ldquo; Affecting Shijiazhuang' poker s annual outstanding company & rdquo;
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-04-15

4month 10,"Tribute to 2023,Sailing 2024,Affecting Shijiazhuang Economic People Entrepreneurs Forum and Annual Economic People Awards Ceremony "held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei,International Building Hotel won "Affects Shijiazhuang Excellent Enterprise of the Year",Secretary of the Party Committee of the hotel、Chairman Fan Linsheng won "Affecting Shijiazhuang 2023 Economic Persons"。

This selection was selected by the Shijiazhuang City Development and Reform Commission、Shijiazhuang City Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Shijiazhuang Commercial Federation jointly organized,It made outstanding contributions to the economic construction of Shijiazhuang in 2023、Get outstanding performance、A new era of enterprise and entrepreneurs typical of the new era of the spiritual style of the times。

2023year,International Building in -depth implementation of the spirit of the "development of new quality product" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping,Adhere to innovation as the lead,Increase the entire factor productivity as the core,Accelerate the transformation of enterprise development methods,Forms a business mode that conforms to the new development concept。At the same time,Actively explore the organic integration casino of new technology applications in the industry with traditional technology,Focus on the cultivation and introduction of new technical talents,Vigorously develop the mixed ownership economy,Build a new type of production relationship,Release the efficiency vitality of the enterprise。Take "six management" as the starting point,Strengthen management improvement,Efforts to create high -quality products,Shape a highly satisfied customer reputation,Continuously realize leapfrog development。

International Building will continue to strengthen its own construction,Continue to deeply cultivate the hotel industry,Give full play to the leading role of new productivity in the development of enterprise,Promote the work of the hotel to a new level,Realize new development,Write a new chapter。

                                     (Supply of the International Building Hotel)