Qinhuangdao Federation of Trade Unions went to Qin Require Power Generation Company to investigate
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-04-15

4month 11,4Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Qinhuangdao、Deputy bc.game poker Director、Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Lian Ruyan led the teamGo to Qin Require Power Generation Corporation for investigation.

Lian Ruyan and members of the company's leadership team、Discussion and exchange of union cadres and employee representatives,Comprehensively understand the company's development and trade unions,On -site inspection of the union position of the employee book house。

At the symposium,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Chairman of the Trade Union Yang Hailiang expressed bc.game live casino his gratitude to the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions for his long -term support and help in Qin Refinite Power Generation Company,and leading the company's trade unions in ideological bc game sportsbook review and political leadership、Employee organization construction、The main measures and effectiveness of the employee's spiritual, cultural life, and innovation and efficiency have been reported。He pointed out,The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the majority of employees,Qin Ji Power Generation Company will adhere to the true nature of hard entrepreneurs、Adhere to the party's leadership,bc.game app Adhere to technological innovation and lean management,People -oriented,Promoting democratic management solidly,Promote the harmonious development of the enterprise、Stable operation。

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、General Manager Li Kezhang said,Qin Hot Power Generation Company's work has been obtained by the Municipal Party Committee、V strongly support from the Municipal Government and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions。The company will always adhere to the party's leadership,Service Society,Service Society,Making various tasks more solid、bc.game casino More effective,Unity and leading the majority of employees in the development of the new era。

Lian Ruyanpragmatic of the union of Qinhe Power Generation Company、Innovation、Efficient development has given full affirmation and high evaluation。She pointed out,Qin Hot Power Generation Company as the city's guarantee enterprise,Always adhere to serving the society、Innovative development,Employee activities are colorful,There are highlights、Specialty,Advanced model leading in place。Emphasize at the same time,The company's union must strengthen the ideological bc game sportsbook review and political leadership of employees,Pioneer driving the pioneer of the model of labor,Incorporate learning into daily,Guide the majority of employees to love the party and patriotic、Love Gang dedication; we must conscientiously implement the "Skills and Labor Competition Year" deployment arrangement,Actively organize employees to participate in theme labor competitions and job skills competitions; further strengthen the construction of trade union,Give full play to the role of the professional conference,Improve the work efficiency of the trade union,Employees in the construction and bc.game service of the position、Deep Kung Fu,Let the union become a home for employees trusting in employees。

                                          (Zhao Xiaoliang of Qin Require Power Generation Company Conferring)